Friday, September 05, 2008

Grateful Friday

- My Family
- John's smile and sense of humor
- Peaches
- Homegrown cucumbers

- Letting the kids run around in public with their shirts off when it's hot. Most people smile and it makes me feel like a hippy.
- Summer vacations
- A trip to the bait shop today
- New friends with common struggles
- Jack's sweet smile and personality, as well as his dark strange side that sometimes scares me a little.
- Rocky pretending to be a cat, insisting on being fed on all fours, crawling around meowing between bites
- John being super dad this week.


Amy Chionis said...

That's a heck of a list. My husband has a dark side that scares me a little and intrigues me, too. Keeps me coming back for more....just like the sweet.
I love shirtless babes too.

Anonymous said...

Just checking to see your Greatful Friday list & found no picture. I must see the precious babies every Friday. You have a lot of blessings to hug, hold and kiss each and every day. Fantastic!
luv, m:)om & G;-)ma

Anonymous said...

damn hippies.....(i miss you) :)


jenica said...

what blissful fun. i love cat-babies.


jenica said...

ps i wish you were coming to squam

Helen said...

Rocky..brave boy standing up close to those chickens.

I can't believe I didn't snag any of those cucumbers.