Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SPC #2 : Skill

Boy this was a challenging month to start the Self Portrait Challenge with the topic being skill and all. I'm having trouble pinpointing the specific skills I know I must have buried inside me. So for now they are a little far reaching, a tad imaginative, but in my book I still call them skills.
short hair
So this week I give you my skill of Hair Mix Master. Is that really a SKILL you ask? Why yes, yes it is. I can grow it super long and cut it micro short without a tear shed. I can spike it up and layer it medium. I can go home and cut it myself when the Supercuts girl just can't see my vision. I get bored with my hair quickly. It runs in my family, though my sisters hair is generally the same length, she has had a rainbow of colors topping her head. Pink, orange, red, blue, black, you name it I think it's been on her head. You too can have this skill, but it takes practice, a sense of adventure, and confidence that it will grow back if something goes horribly wrong( a perm. in the 80's. too painful.) So there you have it skill #2 stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment of Self Portrait Challenge.


Helen said...

Now this is a skill indeed. I was just looking at some of my pics from last year and I noticed all your hairstyles. They are all so pretty. Hmmmm, I havent seen dreads yet.... :)

Anonymous said...

i love your hair right now. Ya. i guess we are pretty adventurous in that dept. I guess when ya got the looks like us we can do anything with our hair...lol... :)

i have not had blue yet....hmmm...definitly a thought but maybe too drastic :)... this is why i am a classy honey, kissy huggy, lovey dovey ghetto princess!!! (and you are too) :)

love love love you!
ur sister,

Jeremy Stockwell said...

A skill indeed. My wife cuts my hair with clippers, so I kind of share this skill with you, but I think it's different because I'm a guy.

Good on ya, for NOT freaking about your hair!

My Inspired Heart said...

I too, get bored with my hair...it bounces constantly from long to short, straight to curly...no perm, just natural curls...although I did have my perm days...sigh :) I like it for just a while, then I'm off to find something different. Right now I'm in the growing-out mood...we'll see how long it lasts, lol!

Marz said...

Well, I can proudly say that I never that I never had a perm :P, but I bet when you had one, it looked good for the 80's! (Coz, it *was* the 80's, right? You're not saying "80's perm" and hiding the fact that you got it in 2002, right? Coz I didn't know you then, and you could be masking the Great Adventure of the 2002 Perm.....)
: P

jenica said...

LOVE this. i meant to say it in my last comment, but you really do have great hair. ;-D

and THAT is skill.

cheri said...

i heart your new hair. seriously so cute.

Marilyn said...

Love, love, LOVE this cut on you! :)