Sunday, July 06, 2008

I love parades. I love sitting there watching to see what wacky thing will come next. Our towns 4th of July parade did not disappoint. There were the bands and cars and of course the Jazzercise women doing their routine.
There were dogs and horses and little kids waving from floats and cars. Clowns and kids doing kung fu. Moving mariachi bands and dancing horses.

I admitted to myself this year just how much I love parades. Really I had a moment. It was just after the Jazzercise troupe and just before the caravan of classic Mustangs. Time stoped and I caught myself smiling and laughing and clapping for those spandexed Jazzerciseres. It doesn't matter what weirdness comes prancing past me in this chair I'll embrace it, I thought. And soon after, this man DID come along and I literally embraced him.
4th free hugger
He had a sign that said "Free Hugs" and sure enough, hugging he was. I lept out of my seat and called him over, I'm not going too pass up a free hug people! Jack and I got our squeeze and off he went hugging.

Happy Fourth to you all. Hope you were sitting in a lawn chair watching a parade go by.


Anonymous said...

i love love love this post!!! it is bright and cheery and the colors are great! It was almost like i was there at the parade with you!! :) (and i love the free hug guy!) : )

luv, Heidi

p.s. i'll give you a free hug anyday (i just might not have the sign in with me)

Heather said...

Thanks Heidi! you are my favorite sister :)

jenica said...

i love everything about this. although i really wish you had a big picture of the jazzercisers. ;-D what a joy. and i LOVE that first peeking pic. you're truly an amazing photographer heather.


Helen said...

I'll take a good ol'fashioned parade anyday. Looks like it was a blast!