Wednesday, July 16, 2008


First totally off topic, an observation: I can have Rocky in a diaper all day AND yet the moment I say "hey bud, let's be naked, go free for awhile, air out a bit" is exactly when he decides to make the messiest biggest poop EVER. This has happened on multiple occasions. I'm a slow learner. Anyway to give you a visual I'll quote Jack "Hey mom, Rocky is leaving a trail of poop so you can find him", It was a long trail, and I did find him, smiling.

OK onto Kale. Last week my friends were talking about how much they love Kale. I couldn't get past the visions of limp Kale beds I was forced to maintain as a teenager working the salad bar at Wendy's. Laying it on the nasty ice beds around sticky salad dressing tubs. I've never actually seen kale as a food. But being the opened minded gal I am, I thought I'd give Kale a chance. I grabbed my Chez Panisse cookbook and Miss Waters and I cooked us up some mighty tasty kale. I'm not kidding it was good stuff. Olive oil, garlic, salt and red pepper flakes was all it took. I'm sold. Kale I'm sorry for being grossed out by you. You're good and my family liked you which means a whole lot.

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Amy Chionis said...

Man, you beat me to the kale post. I do love the stuff in a reverent way. I am glad you are loving it now, too.