Friday, July 18, 2008

Grateful Friday

Rocky: crazy hair
- Crazy baby hair
- Coffee
- Watching Frasier late at night
- Season Premier of Project Runway
- This week: The Doors, James Taylor, Gillian Welch, Johnny Cash
- Having a little friend over to play today
- Big fat photo books


Anonymous said...

who is your little friend? i dont know why i pictured a little teeny person prancing thru your : )

luv, Heidi

Anonymous said...
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Amy Chionis said...

I'ms sorry we weren't your little buddy today. But we had a great family time, and that jam, ohmigosh yum. It is perfect that I baked crazy soft bread yesterday to go with it. You made our morning. And p.s. Dorothea Lang rocks, yeah?

Anonymous said...

Dorothea Lange, fantastic, great! Photographs with a thousand words. What stories they tell. And 'WoW', you know how I feel about the little pajama boy---LOVE HIM SO MUCH.. . {:o}

Helen said...

Rocky has the cutest p.j.'s.

Marz said...

I'm baaaa-aaack.....
: )
teach me how to cook that Kale! One time i got it in a veggie delivery, and I couldn't do it.
see you in the morn!!

Chris said...

I love Frasier reruns. Always makes me laugh. Sometimes I need to laugh.

pink sky said...

i am so excited about project runway addictive :)