Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grateful Friday

Amy's plum sauce
-Eating homemade (by Amy) plum sauce by the spoonful out of the jar for lunch. Am I supposed to pour it on something? probably, I really don't care though because it is just so good.
-Quote from Jack "Mom, does Amy have a Kung Fu panda problem?". Yes honey she does.
My flowers
-John walking through the front door with a bunch of yellow flowers for me.
-Friends who share the ugly parts of their life when you share yours so you feel less like a looser.
-This week: Tom Petty, They Might Be Giants, Bob Marley, Feist.
-Hikes with the kids
-Goldfish who keep on living even when there is so much algae in their tank it's hard to see them. Sorry guys, this weekend I promise
-Our homeschool group
I got stung by a wasp underneath my big toenail yesterday. I cried. Jack sprung into action and ran into the house got a step stool, got a cool wet wash cloth and wrapped it around my throbbing toe without me saying a word to him. He then escorted me to the couch and made me lay down and propped my foot up on a pillow. He has gained free Popsicles for life.
-Feta cheese.
-Really nice hand me downs for Rocky from my friend Maritza.


Chris said...

Whoa there are NOT a loser. How could you be with such a wonderful husband and thoughtful and beautiful children who all obviously love and adore you!

Marz said...

what?!? a wasp sting under your toenail? What kinda mean ole wasp would do such a thing? Remind me to wear my thick hiking boots (that I don't have) next time I come over. Scary!

Amy Chionis said...

The Jack to the Rescue story is so very sweet, such touching spontaneity. Yes, I eat the plum sauce the exact same way - spoon to jar. Yes. I have a kung fu panda problem. Yes. We all have low points and the reason I think we do is to share them with others, to help out. Yes, yes, yes.