Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rocky in fort
We have spent the last few days on the beach. Lots of sand forts built and sea glass found.
budda beach baby

My mom and sister joined us. Here we are being gangsta's. Does'nt my mom look hard core?
camp food
I was glad to have some time to hang out with them. We took lots of funny pictures together and were cracking ourselfs up on the the beach.
We all had so much fun. Well I won't speak for Heidi my sis. I think I heard her mumble under her breath that she would never go camping again. You see Heidi is a city girl, I'm not sure how we talked her into coming but we did. Anway it was beautiful.
Bodega Bay
Who can't love a place that has horses on the beach, we can't wait to go back.


Renee said...

Such beautiful pictures. Could Rocky be any cuter?

Anonymous said...

i love the pics...very cute!! i am not a fan of "dirty" and sleeping on the ground. I would love it if my bedroom was transported there : ) and i always love seeing you :)

love your city slicker sis,