Friday, May 30, 2008

Grateful Friday

(This is us 2002-2007)
-My Family. They make my day everyday.
-Feeling inspired to dance again
-These Pretzels were perfect. We made them yesterday with dipping sauces. Yum
-John Taylor Gotto: Two of the best, mind changing, inspiring books I've read: "Dumbing us Down" and "A different Kind of Teacher"
-Jack being really brave at the dentist yesterday.
-Our Song
-Dates (the food)
-Dates (time alone with John)
-Camping trips all schedualed for the summer. Beach and the redwoods!!


Chris said...

I have Dumbing us Down ordered at the library. The Author is going to be speaking here soon. I may have to break down and buy it.

Anonymous said...

I love those state fair pictures..they are so awesome!! Now that i have weekends and every other friday off, I can join in some camping trips (since i dont have my own perfect little family...well...i dont think Cricket and Spider would enjoy it)...ha ha. Also, ever since you tuned me into that Ben Folds five song, i cry almost everytime i hear it. i adore it.

Anonymous said...

oh ya...sorry the anonymous comment was me....

luv, Heidi

Sivan said...

oh... these pretzels look so good... can't wait to eat carbs like a normal person! with this diabetes i'm so carb and sweet deprived!
i love ben folds!!!
have a lovely weekend!

kristen said...

be still my photo boothing heart. oh how i adore these. xo