Friday, April 04, 2008

Grateful Friday

- During a somewhat rowdy hour this last weekend with five kids in the house all yelling and playing, Jack came out at one point a little flustered. He stood in the kitchen for a minute and then wandered over to our bookshelfs and sat down, hidden from everyone, and took a little quiet time for himself, looked through some books for about 10 minutes and then when back to playing. I love that he is going to books when he needs down time.
- The kids were absolutly perfect during our grocery shopping trip this morning.
- Planted strawberrys and beans, poppys and marigolds yesterday in the garden.
- New books to read
- Watched the documentary "The Buisness of Birth" last night. Loved it. I recomend this to all women. Anyone who will give birth or have a friend who will give birth. This reinspired my interest in becoming a doula again someday.
- Little dirty faces.


jenica said...

love it, love it, love everything about it. i really want to see that flick too! girl, everytime i come here i'm happily surprised to see how much we have in common. as soon as i get this baby weaned (in another year or so) i'm going to follow through with my dreams of becoming a doula! YAY for mommies!

Marz said...

if you love dirty faces, you must love Zweegie for sure! heh heh thanks for the brownies!

Anonymous said...

Most Precious little face I have ever seen. Love, kisses and hugs to our precious little 'Rocky' :)

Anonymous said...

i love the fact that jack is cool =)

luv, Heidi