Friday, March 28, 2008

Grateful Friday

Rocky and me
- Holding my babies
- Green smoothies and coffee
- Singing along to counting crows
- My kids
- John
- My sister, brother, and mom and dad
- Blue cheese on crackers
- The thought of someday having a puppy dog
- Friends spending the weekend here
- Painted toenails


Anonymous said...

Hi! Cute picture!! these pictures make me wanna go to the beach!! I am grateful for you too.. I can't wait til you move back!!!

xoxo Heidi

Helen said...

oooooh, a puppy dog....

Riss said...

I'm baaaaack...
You said PUPPY DOG!?!?!?!
But...but...but what about the "I don't really like dogs"? I guess my dog Tex must have grown on ya...he, he.