Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The kids are eating breakfast and I have a zillion things to do. Mainly make some coffee cake and do a last minute clean of the house. We are hosting our homeschool groups "creative kids" class this morning. Once a month we gather in someone's home and do something creative, and fun, and maybe educational. maybe. Sometimes the kids want none of it though and just run around screaming and playing. I have a feeling that is what is going to happen today. Did you know that it is National Native American Heritage month? You did'nt? Well truthfully neither did I untill last week. Makes sense though with Thanksgiving and all. So in celebration of those who were here first, we will be painting a teepee in their honor. Now this tent is made of a $2 sheet from Goodwill, not buffalo hide, and the paints are bright orange and blue tempura from Michaels, not blood and berries. And I'm sure the kids will be painting rainbows and smily faces and not stick deers and such, but I still consider this a tent to be proud of. I think any Native American who happens in our back yard today would quietly, with a stern face, nod their head, and maybe grunt. like they do. (I know I'm bad, just kidding I know they all don't do that, just some). Ok I have to stop, I'm putting off the cleaning can you tell? Have a good day kemosabe. (is that Indian? or cowboy? I forget).

ps. I know this picture of Rocky has nothing to do with my post. I just love his little smile and I wanted to share it with you all.


Anonymous said...

In honor of The Native American Heritage Month I will give you a few Navajo Terms:
Ayóó ninshné - I love you
Ahéheé - thank you
Yáatééh - hello, greetings
Dinétah - the place of the Navajo people

Sd R

Renee said...

I love teepees. Have fun!

minnie (haha) said...

Hi Heather - it's so lovely to tune into your blog and see Rocky now holding himself up like a really grown up little guy! Yazzle Down Under x