Friday, November 09, 2007

Grateful Friday

Jack making a fishing net
- It's Friday
- Jack spending a really really long time making this cool fishing net. It started out as a shield but when he realized it would be really hard to make it solid with string he changed it into a fishing net.
- Coffee in the morning
- Praying with John last night
- Listening to the "Annie" soundtrack while we eat dinner
- Listening to Sam Cook's greatest hits while driving
- Hot showers after a really long day


Renee said...

Cool - a fishing net!
Have a great weekend!

HB said...

very cool net! These are the things that kids really love to play with..we just went through Briones's toys and cleared almost everything out and she really doesnt miss a thing. She would indeed be just as happy with some sticks and string. Hope your weekend is great!