Friday, October 12, 2007

Grateful Friday

Stella 3yrs
- Stella turned 3 Years old on September 28th. She is a fun spunky little girl. She is loud and spirited and funny. It's a joy watching her every day.
- A rainy walk planned after I type this post, the kids are getting their rain gear on as I write this.
- Our new computer. It's super fast and best of all, all the data on our old computer was fine and is now safely backed up and loaded on this computer.
- Watching America's Next Top Model with John and ice cream.
- Dark cloudy cold days, finally here.
- Listening to Lisa Loeb in rainy weather.
- Loving track one on the Feist CD.
- John's patience when I freaked out about the computer.
- Healthy kids
- Dark chocolate and Almond Roca
- Just finished and loved "Farenheight 451" I'd never read it, it was so so good.


vickie said...

great pic, great book! (sometimes our current times seem like science fiction), great gratefuls....i need to go and make one. happy friday

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

look at stella...she looks so grown up...i love those pig tails!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday to Stella! She looks just like your husband in that picture.

jenica said...

i always look forward to fridays so i can read your lists! they make me feel more grateful for the wonderful things i have in my life.
stella is beyond beautiful.
and i HEART ray bradbury, his story telling ability is profound. you should try out his book, the illustrated man...

happy weekend!

telfair said...

What a great picture! Happy Birthday to Stella. She's a beautiful little girl.

Thanks for your super nice email, too. Have a great weekend!

Blogging Molly said...

As always, love the Friday lists. We too took a walk in the rain Friday (while other kids were in class) and I was extremely grateful for the freedom to walk in the rain with my two favorite people.