Friday, October 05, 2007

Grateful Friday

Hello Everyone!! This is Heidi, Heathers sister. She wanted me to let everyone know that Pinnochio did not eat her alive, but instead that her computer crashed. The good news is that she got a brand new computer and will be back in blogging action soon. i am. And i will do Grateful Friday for her since she is "computerless". I also could not help but add a few pictures on the bottom of my night out last friday (yup, that is the bars bathroom)with my friend Tracie. My pic is in the middle.c Can u tell yet that i have zero children. yet?? Ahhhh....sisters...night and day blogs. ha ha.
Grateful friday

- Happy for my new job...more $ and more stability.

-Hot chocolate at work. Seems to make my days go by faster.

-New bronze eye shadow from maybelline..i searched everywhere 4 this color.

-Discovering the band "Placebo" and loving their remake of kate bush's tune "Running up that Hill"

- Getting to see my sister and the family tomorrow.

-having a super cute guy tell me over and over how freakin cute i was last week. (always nice to hear)

-that my bank, golden 1 has a change counter machine.

-my kitty, Spider waking me up ten minutes before work everyday purring up a storm...who needs an alarm clock.

-----have a great weekend everyone!!!------


Chris said...

Glad to hear everything is fine with Heather and family. I was sure that creepy puppet had been up to something.

Congrats to you Heidi, on the new job, love the pics lol.

Rebecca F. said...

Welcome to the blog!! I love your cowboy hats.

Give Heather our best.


Allison said...

Glad to hear Heather is okay, just sorry her computer wasn't! What a hassle! By the way, Heidi, I miss your blog...any thoughts of starting it up again?

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

ha...well who knew you could find a cowboy hat in a bathroom...

Anonymous said...

Thank God the puppet didn't get them!!

jenica said...

awesome. i wish i had a sister!