Friday, September 14, 2007

Grateful Friday

1. Spending time with my mom in Yosemite
2. Hearing zydeco music last night at the farmers market
3. Raspberries in my granola
4. It's Friday
5. My gym's kid care program
6. Jack is starting to give Stella hugs when she get's hurt and ask if she is alright without me having to tell him to
7. Our big backyard
8. Dark chocolate
9. My new book "Black and Blue" by Anna Quinland
10. My easy going husband


Renee said...

Such a nice picture of you and your mom. And such nice things on your grateful list too. Have a great weekend!

gkgirl said...

i think you and your mom
have cute smiles...
and black and blue is a great book
if i remember correctly
(its been a while since i read it)

acumamakiki said...

what a great photo of you and your mom. i always love your grateful lists. have a fantastic weekend. xo

Blogging Molly said...

Black and Blue has been collecting dust on my shelf for years. Should I dust it off? Let me know what you think. Happy reading.