Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Morning?

It's only 8am andit's already been a long day. The kids were already done eating their breakfast by 7. I just wish they would sleep in sometimes. This morning at breakfast I made Jack an egg, asked if he wanted ketchup, he said yes. I reached in the fridge grabbed the milk and poured it all over Jacks eggs. ohhh boy this is going to be an interesting day.


kim said...

mom to 3 kids under 5 myself, i just REinstituted the alarm clock set to 8am soft quiet music rule (Sometimes 9am since they are under 5 still) to my -5 and -3yos who share a bedroom. The 1st night I cushioned the rule with a "...and if you stay in here until then, and older ds you may need to remind younger ds the rules, we will do soemthing real fun!" it worked (we went to a free movie) so a.) i know they now 'get it' and b.) they know i know they get it so no one (of them at least, 7.5mo little still) is up before 8! YAY!

try it. again, if it once failed as it did fail once for me.

Wendy said...

Hope your day is looking up! Let' just say I FEEL THE PAIN. haha

School starts in 4 days! *skipping*