Friday, July 27, 2007

Grateful Friday

#1 Taking a trip to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. We ate clam chowder and bread and fries and fried shrimp. Yummmmmy.
Peir 39
#2 The Museum Mystique (I think that is what it was called). It was a warehouse filled with old penny arcade games, and carnival games, photo booths, and just a bunch of really cool strange things.
Peir 39
#3 These little guys made us laugh. Put a quarter in and their little legs jumped up and down to music, very entertaining.
Peir 39
#4 Eating Ben and Jerry's and watching the sea lions sun bathing on the pier at Pier 39
#5 Experiencing the "Whole Foods Phenomenon" again last night. We walk in with a short list, walk out 1/2 an hour later with 3 light bags, having spent $90. Huh? John looked at me at the register smiled and said "We just spent $90". In alarm I screech "What!!! how did that happen?" We scan the receipt, yup it's right, this is one pricey store. Now I have to figure out how to buy grocery's we actually need with little $. Why am I grateful for this? I don't know, The "whole Food Phenomenon" is just a little funny to John and I. I guess that's why we only go there about once a year, and only after convincing ourselfs we are only going to buy a couple special items (it never works).
#6 The chocolate at the tip of a Drumstick cone.
#7 My new book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" I read the first chapter and already love it.
#8 Happy about watching "Before Sunrise" tonight.


vickie said...

what fun!!!! how far a drive is it from Concord is it? i have family in antioch and LOVE the city, whenever we travel there, we always stop off in san francisco. Lucky you!

love that chocolate and have that book on my wish list, i've flipped through it at the Barnes and Noble and now i feel myself twitching towards amazon to pick it looks like a great read.

Wannabe said...

Yep, I'm like that at Whole Foods too. Everything looks SOOO good but darn's expensive. I do all my shopping at Trader Joes esp since they have a huge organic produce section and we get most of our veggies from a local CSA so...I spend a lot less. Did you know that a box of Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs by EnviroKids runs $4.29 a BOX at Whole Foods and $2.99 at Trader Joes. Yeah.....unbelievable. :)

Alecia said...


Yes yes yes yes! LOVE Drumsticks (which is why I can't buy them -- I end up eating the entire box)

telfair said...

What great pictures!

I echo your comments about both "Animal Vegetable Miracle" (read it & loved it, am trying to incorporate the message into our eating habits) and Whole Foods. HOW I can go there just over a work lunch hour and manage to come out with one small bag & an empty wallet is beyond me! It somehow doesn't stop me from going there, though.

Riss said...

OH MAN!!! I Totally forgot the Berkerly Kite Festival was this weekend. I wanted us all to go. Maybe next year...

irene said...

oh you have opened comments!!!

loving all your photos and adventures Heather. xoxo

jenica said...

i love health food stores for this reason too. i walk in and find a million things that i'm not sure how i ever lived without. plus, they're just so inspirational that i wanna try everything that i don't need.

yummmm, chocolate waffle cone....

Allison said...

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities but oh so very far away from me! How lucky you are that it is close enough for a day trip for you.

I've also experienced the Whole Foods "Phenomenon". That's a great way to say it. I love the food and the whole idea of the store but don't like the prices you have to pay for it.

Now I'm curious about the book you mentioned. I really like one of Kingsolver's other books so I'll have to check it out. Just picked up a copy of Suite Francaise at my library (had to wait for a copy from another branch) and am looking forward to jumping in to it.

acumamakiki said...

I love that museum - it's a photobooth dream. I loved all the penny games and strange themes.
I just went to Whole Foods this morning and marveled that I spent $40 on 2 bags of groceries....not so much since I splurged and bought myself california rolls for lunch. (=

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched "Before Sunrise" in forever! I will have to netflix it soon. Have you seen "Before Sunset"? If so, what did you think of it?

xo Andi (Tales of a Crafty Mama)