Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Ahhh, what can I say about camping. I could tell you about all the dirt. All the loose power like dirt that coated my kids the whole time, how they loved rolling in it and throwing it up in the air. Stella looked like this pretty much the whole time.
Or, I could mention the food. 3 days of eating chips and cookies and grilled corn and veggie burgers, snacks and more snacks. A run away mango that rolled down our camp hill 2 times, or the steaming plate of grilled zucchini that was dropped in the dirt. I could tell you about smores by the campfire and wine sipped and marshmallows burnt.
Lorissa and Hunter
I could mention that we were in the company of our dear friends Ron and Lorissa and their son Hunter. How they are truly good people, who love God and who are real true good friends. How if you camp with Ron you will hear noises and smell smells you don't want to smell or hear. Or how Lorissa is truly gifted at making chicken noises. I could also mention their dog Tex who despite peeing on me about a minute after arriving at our camp I still think is a pretty sweet dog.
I could tell you about how my kids LOVED every minute of camping. They loved the dirt and sleeping in a tent. They loved the campfire and all the snacks and soda that they were allowed to have that is usually off limits. And how even poor little Rocky who left with a few more scratches and bruises then when we started, seemed to like camping. But best of all, despite all of my worries about the kids falling in the campfire and the urge to zip my kids in the tent to keep them dirt free for a little while, I can tell you that I liked camping.
A few of you asked for tips for camping with your little ones here they are
#1 Lorissa's motto while camping is good "God made dirt, dirt don't hurt" Repeat this over and over again to yourself.
#2 Bring lots of baby wipes
#3 Bring wine
#4 Bring good friends
#5 Find a lake to bathe in


AndiMae said...

Your camping trip looks so fun! And I am totally going to have to remember that mantra about dirt- I have had a hard time letting go lately in that area with my toddler...

Renee said...

I love the hammock picture of your 3 kids! Beautiful.
And sometimes dirt is a good thing, right?

Riss said...

The more I read the harder I LAUGHED! HAAAA! HAAAA! HAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Makin' memories is what it's all about - right? :)

Wendy said...

LOL this looks SO FAMILIAR. Ain't it great? Glad you all had a good time. I count any campout a success if no one falls in the fire. :)

asianarnold1 said...

we're jealous :-(
next time, we're tagging along.

Sivan said...

haha, sounds so familiar! we went camping a month ago and the dirt... oh man, what a test to one's self control that is! my brother in law had a great idea though: we had a couple of big totes with us and we bathed the kids in them - it was great ;)
glad to hear it was fun! hope to see you soon!

Allison said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! Great picture of the kids in the hammock. And I love the way you wrote the post. We are going on that camping trip this weekend that I mentioned to you in my e-mail. I need to get that mantra down...God made dirt...dirt don't hurt...God made...I'll let you know how it turns out!

jenica said...

sweet bliss. love the wide eyes and the dirt smudged faces. the perfect memory maker!