Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's up? Wednesday #1

So, ok I'm getting bored with my blog. Not that I don't love posting pictures and stories about my kids every day because I do. BUT I want to mix it up a little and share with you a snipit about myself. Even though every day and night I am enjoying my role as a mother, there is more to me, not seperate but just more mixed in. I've always had a little fear that I would loose myself in motherhood, come out on the other side all saggy and sad and lost (ok I'll take saggy if I have to, but not sad and lost). Basically I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen. So anyway that's what What's up? Wednesday is about ( I'm at a loss for a better name.) SO here we go.
So now I've built it up, and you are sitting there reading wondering what I'm going to write, and now I'm literally sitting here rubbing my temple wondering the same thing. Heck I don't know. Before I actually sat down I had a list of stuff I could write about but now I don't know. Ok let's keep it simple. My neck is aching. Right now I can feel a dull ache. I think I feel rushed to write this, everything is rushed these days. I feel like everything I do has to be done at top speed or it won't get done, or it will get interupted. Ok, I just took a deep breath, and that seemed to help. There we go, today my goal: more deep breathes. Slow down. Ok that's all I can come up with for now. Exciting stuff I know.

(ha what a bonehead. I just relized it's Tuesday. I guess I do have a problem with rushing things. I didn't even remember posting earlier today. Yikes!!! My mind is going already!!)