Tuesday, March 13, 2007

John and I are feeling like a couple of zombies over here. The kids have caught some nasty bug. I thought maybe it might skip Rocky, but no such luck. The last 2 days he's been one sick little guy, especially at night.

So I've been up late at night for hours on end, sometimes watching TV, sometimes, just sitting in the dark rocking him and thinking. With his hot little body pressed against me I let my mind drift.
Here's where my thoughts went last night:
- "Homeschooling, is it right for us? I think so, it feels right, but I'm scared a little, but hey like my sister in law said once 'at this age, it's not rocket science you know'".
- "Why Isn't Conan on right now, if we still had Comcast, I'd be watching him, Direct TV sucks"
- "Why isn't John getting up, can't he hear Rocky crying, I know he's awake just pretending to sleep, I'm not a robot you know, I need sleep too. Maybe I'll just go in and tell it to him straight, ok I'll give him until 3 o'clock, if he doesn't come out here by then, I'm going to go in and make him get up". (he came out)
- "Maybe I should read my bible right now instead of watching videos, hmmm, it's to dark, it would just make me sleepy, It would be hard balancing my bible and hold Rocky... Oh, I love this song!!".
- "We are out of groceries, how can I get food for tomorrow's dinner since I vowed not to go to the grocery store with the kids again" (long story involving Rocky flying through the air and a shopping cart full of groceries laying on top of Stella...Oh but that is the last you'll here of that story for fear that Child Services will come knocking on my door).
- "ok, he's asleep, slowely get up and gently put him down, please, please, please God don't let him wake up, ok tiptoe out of the room..." And he was out and I crawled back in bed. 15 minutes later though, he woke up and started crying again but this time John got up.


acumamakiki said...

Oh Heather I'm sorry. Sick babes are so awful....the worry, the sleeplessness, I hope he gets better really quickly. I did love reading your stream of consciousness though, isn't it wacky what our brain does to us in the wee hours? Here's to healthy energy enveloping your home!

cheri said...

hope the kiddies feel better soon...until then you could perfect your sleeping with eyes wide open skills.

vickie said...

oh I can't stand that shot of Rocky cryin' OOOOOOHHHHHH poor little sweetie.

and you too! Hope Hope Hope the sickness goes away fast!

nicole said...

Hi, I just came across your blog. Love your homeschooling and Bible reading. I'm sure hoping your babes get to feeling better.

Heth said...

His HAIR! I love it! I'm sorry the sickness has hit your house. Here's hoping you can get some sleep instead of sitting up thinking deep thoughts.

Alecia said...

OK, I don't know the details of your grocery store experience, but it sounded similar to my shopping cart disaster.


I hope the kids feel better soon.

la vie en rose said...

bless you mama...i'm sending loving thoughts your way...

Rebecca F said...


Rocky looks so suspicious in the first picture. Hilarious.

Sick kids are faaaaar from funny though. Hugs to you. There is nothing that I'd like better (if I was a sick child, of course) than a warm mommy to lay on. Hang in there!

Irene said...

poor little boy, I hope he feels better soon (and omg could he be any cuter???).

my mind does the same thing when one of my boys is sick and I'm awake at night. and I vowed not to go to the grocery store with the kids again too.

Marilyn said...

By now (I'm a bit behind) I'm guessing Rocky's feeling much better...but I can't believe how big he's getting! :) And rest time? Always good...especially for weary Mama.

Lea said...

Well said.