Friday, March 16, 2007

Grateful Friday

Stella' sTea Party

1. Having Stella. I love having a girl. I love how she flips her hair with her hand, and how she talks to her dolls and has tea party's where everyone has to wear a sparkly necklace.

2. Jack walking out of the bathroom this morning half naked. Standing in front of me with a serious look on his face and saying "My body is moving". I stared at him, thinking maybe we were have a little earthquake only he could feel. He then turned around though, and I looked at his naked little bottom. I saw a few twitches and then suddenly his little butt cheeks clenched together. He turned around and smiled and said "My body is moving".

3. Watching the squirrels chase each other around in our backyard.

4. My friend Gretchen. It's her birthday today. I love her with all of my heart. She is going to have a baby any day now. Every time I think about it my heart leaps a little and I get so excited for her. Happy Birthday Gretchen, I love you.

5. Jack saying yesterday, "Spider man is going to save Jesus." and then "Spider man is going to save you mommy". I love that Spider man.

6. The pictures of Drew Barrymore in the new Glamore magazine and the interview with Cristina Ricci in NYLON.

7. I added a "rest time" into our day yesterday. After having the week from Hell last week, I started thinking that maybe my kids weren't just sick, but also tired and needed either a nap or at least some downtime. It went better than I thought. The rules: stay in bed, be quiet, read if you want. Stella fell right asleep and Jack read and played quietly with a car in his bed for a whole hour. It was HEAVEN.

8. Beautiful weather, sunny, warm, bright, and clear.


asianarnold1 said...

#4 Love you too! (for Gretchen) G is having a great b-day week.

acumamakiki said...

A delicious list of gratefulness. I heart quiet time!!

gkgirl said...

when i had a home daycare,
i always had a "quiet time"
right after lunch
and i think the kids really
looked forward to it...
i think you are right,
they need some down time too
even if they may not need to

loved this list!

jenny said...

nothing produces instant happiness with what you have like a gratitude list like this! :)

The Whole Self said...

i love your lists. and this picture makes me appreciate having my own little girl bean even more.

i think this afternoon i'm going to institute quiet time. let's hope it goes as well as yours! ;)

la vie en rose said...

rest time rocks! i'll have to read the interview in nylon. i just love christina ricci.

Erica said...

This is great! I don't spend a lot of time on the computer, but THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading your "blog". And I LOVE "Grateful Friday". I think I'm gonna try something like this myself - we should all try to remember these little things, but that doesn't always seem work out! Anyway, thanks for sharing!

P.S. Really nice photographs!