Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday in Berkeley

We took Bart (bay area rapid transit) to Berkeley on Saturday. Jack LOVES the train and smiled almost the whole trip, while Stella sat in terror on my lap. She's not quiet sold on public transit yet.
Blondies in Berkeley
Our first stop was the ever popular Blondies pizza. Which I'm not really sure why it's such a hot spot, but whatever, next time I think I'll try the crepe place next door. Our plan was to walk down Telegraph and look at all the street vendors. The kids would have none of that though, so we quickly change course and looked for big open areas for them to run around in.
We were drawn to the music and found these students dancing their hearts out to Frank Sinatra and other fun old timey music.
We loved watching them. It was contagious and we were soon up dancing with the kids. I think this was a dance club or something, they all looked like they were having so much fun, made me want to learn how to dance.
One of the dancers climbed a tree, not sure why, looked like she was having fun though.
Jack and John wrestling in park in Berkeley
We ended the day with Stella snoozing in the stroller, me nursing Rocky while Jack and John wrestled on the grass. We headed back to the Bart station and went home. It was a fun day.


telfair said...

Wow! Looks like such a great day, it makes me want to visit Berkeley (I've heard such fabulous things about it anyway!)

As always, your kids are lovely!

Wendy said...

Oh, that looks so fun. Is that William Hung in that one picture? ;)

kristen said...

sounds like a fabulously fun day! i'm with you on blondies' pizza, feh.

Renee said...

Sounds like a nice day. I love times like that.

la vie en rose said...

fun time!

Marilyn said...

Ah, of my OLD haunts...(two boyfriends there, one job, much partying at one club)... ;) I still love BART (or any light rail). Glad you guys had such a good time!

The Whole Self said...

looks like some funlovin!

i TOTALLY didn't mean to ignore your last email, but i took a bit of a bloggie/computer break and now i've seemed to misplace your email you mind resending? i totally would love to talk (or write) birthy stuff with you.