Friday, October 29, 2010

Grateful Friday


- movies from the library. The kids stayed home from school today sick and it's nice to have movies that we normally don't have laying around.
- Halloween party tomorrow at Trish's house (if kids aren't still sick).
- My health, a little 8 yr old friend of ours just relapsed with her leukemia, I'm so grateful for health in my family.
- Whipped cream. yum!
- The Giants winning the first 2 games!!
- Kung Fu Panda
- Warm scarves and blankets.


Marilyn said...

i love Pipi! :) yes, go Giants! now (after last night's loss) it's a real Series. so sorry to hear about the little girl. thank you for the reminder that health is NEVER to be taken for granted. Happy Halloween! hope the kids have a fun one. xo

Soldier without a War said...

Pipi is too cute!! Her hair & dress are my faves!! Yes, I seen that Natalie went into remission from facebook. That is so terrible. She seems like she has been through sooo much :(