Wednesday, September 01, 2010

a path
I never know where my path is going to lead me. The last couple years have been pretty rough. It's smoothing out now though and I just started studying herbology through an online school called Vintage Remedies. So far I love it. I've also found myself longing to be pregnant again. Longing to feel a baby in me, to be in labor to have everything that it means to be pregnant. I decided that maybe I want to be a midwife or a doula instead. Then I thought some more an think that being a doula is the more realistic choice for me out of the two of those options. So after I study my herbology I'm going to study to become a doula (or maybe a midwife if I'm super ambitious). I had a doula with my second child and while she wasn't' very helpful to me, I can see where they could be. If I would have had one with my first baby it would have been ideal. Anyway who knows really where my path will lead me but I feel it going in this direction for sure.


Amy said...

You would be a perfect birthing companion - so gentle and real. So happy to hear you are considering it.

marzkim said...

You would indeed be great at this. And having had a doula that didn't work for you probably even prepares you more. I'm excited to see what happens. much love, m

jenica said...

this is awesome, you'll be great. i have the same intentions.