Friday, September 10, 2010

Grateful Friday

rocky and pudding
- 2 play dates for Jack and Stella this week
- Brown Cow maple yogurt
- I entered 2 photography contests this week
- My mom agreed to watch the kids while John and I go see Patti Smith
- My new chalk board
- Having awesome neighbors
- Having free time with Rocky in the morning
- Rocky's games Tickle Tackle and Buttons on Buttons
- Meeting really nice mom's at school
- My sweet John eating chocolate late at night in bed with me while we watch tv
- Project Runway
- Swimming at the gym
- Shopping at thrift stores


Soldier without a War said...

I am Grateful for YOU!! :) Pudding is adorable!!!

Helen said...

Cute photo!

Lorissa said...

Thinking of, lorissa.