Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rocky is our rough and tumble kid. He's loud and defiant and rude. He like to tell you that he'll "punch you in the heart" when he is mad at you, with squinty little eyes and a tight mouth. It's sort of ironic we named him Rocky because he is constantly hitting people when his button's get pushed. Which is easy to do. He is a sweetheart though too. He still falls asleep at night with my by his side. In the middle of the night he crawls in beside me and snuggles in. Jack and Stella will be going to school next week. Rocky and I will have lots of time together. I plan on a weekly hike day. Different locations around the east bay each week. Maybe we'll find a play group to join too, not sure about that one. Anyway that is a little bit about Rocky. He's my baby and I love him.

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Soldier without a War said...

"I'll punch you in the heart"...HA! I think im going to steal that line and start using it. Rocky is such a little scrapper. He is fearless... such a good quality to have in this rough world :)