Friday, April 16, 2010


Jack lost his front tooth yesterday. He is so cute with the gap. Today feels like a good day. I think my new medication is working better than the old, and the weather is so nice it HAS to be a good day. I've been making Stella dresses, so today I'm off to Goodwill to look for some fabric. I love looking for fabric in thrift stores. I always find some cute sheets with pretty bright flowers or swirls on them. They make cute dresses. Though Stella asked me if I would make her a shirt. I said I would try, but I'm afraid that might be beyond my sewing skills.

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Soldier without a War said...

yay for Jack losing his tooth!! and yea, a shirt would be really hard to make. Pudding is sooo cute too! I'm happy to see that you still have the see saw in the back :)