Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Jack turns 7 today. My little "Happy Jack". Grandma used to call him that. It's a funny nick name now. He was always a bit temperamental. He's has such a tender sweet heart. We gave him a Lego set this morning and he started it right away. It was torture getting him out the door for school.
Tonight we are going out for ice cream sundaes to celebrate. Saturday we are having a party for him. I love my Jack. Happy Birthday love.


Soldier without a War said...

yay!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Jack!! He is such a cool little kid. :) i love him too. :)

vickie said...

happy birthday to your Jack! my boy is 7 too! hope you all have a wonderful celebration!

cheri said...

aw, great pictures, happy birthday jack! 7 is so BIG.