Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are moving slow through life over here these days. Taking naps and taking walks by the boat docks. Pudding likes to sleep all day and play all night, it's like having a newborn. The kids are in school now. Homeschool needed to be put on hold for now. So the kids are trying to like school and hating their homework, along with me.
We are watching movies and hanging out with friends a lot lately. It's been nice. I think I might have the Power Ranger movie memorized by now. Coffee is my morning friend around here, along with a little reading and time alone with Rocky while the kids are at school. Slow is good for me. We are enjoying life at right now.


beth said...

those darn newborns....I'm sure he'll get his days figured out soon, but in the meantime, caffeine is a very good friend :)

Soldier without a War said...

awww... Pudding is SO CUTE!!! :) Slow is good. Love it now...cuz it seems to change so quickly!!

Kelli said...

So glad to hear it!