Monday, July 06, 2009

Late nights

9:30pm drawing
When the weather turns really hot we let the kids stay up until it starts to cool a little. Usually it's 10 or 11. We sit in the back yard and talk and look at the stars or just watch the kids act silly. There were a couple days like this last week. Jack had to be coaxed out, away from his drawing, and then even once we got him outside he would eventually find his way back in to his drawing. He loves to trace. He uses tracing paper and traces every "cool" picture he comes across.
10pm drawing in bed
Many nights after we put them down Jack will stay up awhile drawing. A friend ours gave him a Ed Emberley "orange" book. He love the step by step and I'm amazed at how his pictures come out. I've found myself loosening up on the bedtime hour lately. Not just because of the heat. The later daylight hours is certainly a factor, but also I'm just loving watching the kids engrossed in whatever late night activity they find.


gonzomama said...

there was a time (before i actually had kids) when i thought i would never let my kids stay up late. but, like you we've gone the late night routine too. the heat and the sun is a big factor, but also they would only see their dad a couple hours a day (during dinner and bath time) except on weekends. and that's not fair to any of us.

i love the picture of your young artist engrossed in his work. definitely a moment worth staying up for!

Trish said...

late nights are great - it seems like the kids change into slightly different creatures when they're up late. glad you're enjoying them so much!

TheOrganicSister said...

late nights are the best around here. quieter, more connected. we probably stay up until 10 or 11 also, reading together or whispering to each other. doesn't it seem they always get into the coolest things as the sun goes down? it's like the rest of the day is just warm up. :)


Helen said...

jack the artiste. very cool!

Molly said...

we too are on a late night schedule - ah, the beauty of homeschooling. i find it to be our best down time. no neighbors visiting, no phone calls, just family time.

i love the tracing paper idea. we took some camping and it was a hit! i just blogged about it :)

Lisa said...

Just discovered your blog! We have definitely had some late nights with the heat. Isn't Ed Emberly great? My son has drawn from some of his books. And he can sit for hours drawing super heroes and contraptions. There is nothing better than seeing him quiet and concentrated on something he loves!! We are in Oakland and it's great to see another Bay Area blogger!!! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Fascinated by these pictures of Jack. :) I miss him and the fun times with Jack when I could hug him daily & how he would run to me with his little arms stretched out. G-Ma