Tuesday, April 07, 2009



Today I stepped out onto our side porch and looked up. The sky was grey and cloudy. The ground was wet and I could hear birds chirping. The wind was blowing on my face lightly and it was cold. I could see telephone wires everywhere and the tops of far off palm trees over our fence. Inside the kids were wildly running around. I felt small. I stood there and soaked in the feeling. It wasn't a bad "I'm insignificant" feeling, but a "Wow!! this world is amazing and I'm a part of it" feeling. I stood there for a couple of minutes and then stepped back inside. My perspective refocused to my daily reality and we carried on. Our small life going on in our little house, just as it is in yours right now. So small, yet so significant and amazing and beautiful. Almost like our own little Universe of wonder.


Lori said...

beautiful :^)

jenica said...

oh i love this. it's amazing just how much is going on across the world. i remember watching a field of wheat blow in the wind, it was so beautiful, the shadows and light dancing under the breeze. i felt that it was a gift from god, a moment of beauty he created for me to witness. how can we feel so small in this world and simultaneously so loved? ;-D