Wednesday, October 01, 2008

meatballs, cookies, and forts

Today we are starting with forts. Every "soft" item in the house has been dragged out to soften and darken and widen the fort. It's a mess in here, boa feathers, and pillows, blankets and jackets and socks. It is a cozy fort, though I'm still thinking about how to make it bigger, how to secure it so it won't crumble under the weight of the blankets. There is truly an art to fort making I haven't mastered yet.
Then we'll be moving onto cookie making. I found a simple recipe and we'll tackle it together, I'm hoping around nap time when Rocky is sleeping, so the mess will be a tiny bit less. The meat is thawing for the meatballs my family so enjoy. I'm not here at dinner time so they will be simmering in a crock pot when John gets home tonight. OK back to the fort, have a good day friends.


Amy said...

you are so right, forts require major engineering. i actually want to replace our furniture based on its unworthiness for fort making. and maybe sink some eye hooks into the walls strategically.

Anonymous said...

oohh...i love amys idea about the eye hooks. You would not even be able to see them if hidden in corners. Very cool. The kids will always remember these times!! :)


Renee said...

All of my kids LOVE forts, and John likes to take tons of pillows and build 'nests'.