Friday, September 26, 2008

Throwing meat

Time out for climbing up and standing on the dining room table and throwing taco meat all over the room. He acted sad and remorseful for about 10 seconds then started cracking smiles and chirping like a bird.


Amy said...

Someday he'll be one of those PETA demonstrators that hurls blood on fur coats. Awesome.

Lorissa said...

It's funny to me when Hunter does something bad and I have to hide my laughter because its so funny....and I love how kids can just suddenly get happy and move on.

gonzomama said...

my two yr old does the same kind of antics (before and after time out). i look at as his way of telling me to lighten up sometimes.
but boy, can it be frustrating!

jenica said...

hehe. love it. there is something about those third children that change every rule made.