Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You

DInner from Amy
Thank you for all of your sweet comments. Thank you to Amy for a truly delicious dinner.
dinner from Amy
Thank you to Jack and Stella and Rocky for not throwing up on me today. Thank you to John for a foot rub last night.
Thank you to Rocky for sleeping in this morning. Thank you God I'm not sick. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

so glad that everyone is getting better! yay!! after hear the news of Melinda's death, we should all be so very thankful for everyday we have here on earth!
love u. always thinking of you.

<3, <3, <3,


Marz said...

oh good things are up!
We'll be home tonight!!! (late)
who is Melinda? are you OK?
: )

Amy Chionis said...

Sigh. You are welcome. I hope you evade it...