Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Rock is 1 month old
I'll be gone Friday, so here is my list early.

This week I'm grateful for:
- Taking these guys camping for a few days
- My husband starts vacation today.
- Coffee. Rocky's new start time is 5:30am!!!! I don't know what happened, we were going along fine. 6:30 am was good, real good. What a difference an hour makes.
- This week: Barbara Striesand (yes mom, you read that right), Amos Lee, Bob Marley (again)
- My friend Helen being in the top dozen to win the National Geographics Picture of the week. Please go vote for her photo to win.
- Peaches
- Frozen m&m's
- Stella's new obsession: A sweet little girl named Rachel. She talks about her constantly when they aren't together. She want to dress like her and eat like her and do her hair like her.
- A artist friend giving me a beautiful bouquet of roses made of paper that she hand dyed. They look so real. Thank you Estella.
- Starbucks or Peet's this morning. Coffee shops are a luxury for us right now. We designated them only for only out of town trips. They make our vacations even more special.

See you next week. Have a super weekend!!


Blogging Molly said...

ah barbra. my family goes a little batty when i put on her broadway album. i'm in my paul simon/neil young/beattles phase right now, with a dash of the practical magic soundtrack. enjoy your vacation!

Helen said...

Thank you Heather!!! Have a great camping time.

Wendy said...

I hope you are going somewhere COOL! Have a great weekend and enjoy every sip. :)