Friday, July 11, 2008

Grateful Friday

Rocky 19 months
- Chubby cheeked babies.
- Friends who make you treasure boxes with treasures inside.
- Jack's fascination with bones. The other night we had chicken, he insisted everyone save their bones for him. So we boiled them and dried them and made him a bone box to store all his bone. So far it's filled with chicken bones and a seagull leg bone.
Rocky 19 months
- The library. We currently have 45 books checked out. .
- Homemade ice cream
- Air conditioning
- Iced lattes
- Frozen chocolate chips
- Dreaming of travelling one day. Hawaii for our 10 year, Italy someday, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Thailand, we can't wait to show the kids the world.


Marz said...

I love the color & B&W right next to each other, and the crumbs too, but most importantly- his chubby face!

Anonymous said...

I love jacks bone box. That is so crazy, creepy and cool. : )

i wonder if he will be a gothic boy when he gets a little older...we can paint our nails black together, I can help him dye his hair and get tattoos together...ahhh... Jack and Aunt Heidi will have so much fun together!!! :)

love, Heidi
(Aunt Heidi to Jack) lol.... :)