Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Art Show

art show
Sunday my friend Maritza was in a local art show. She won a prize, and it was really fun to go see her at the show.
maritza's art
This is her piece, first let me say that this picture really does it an injustice. It is not this weird yellow color but I wanted to highlight it a bit so you could read some of the words. Here is another photo of it from her blog. It's a really interesting work about time and history and where she lives.
art show
All the artists were at the show and they wore little stickers that said "artist" on their shirt. It was super crowded and is was fun to stand back and look at the artist stand and look at people looking at their work, not really aware that the artist was standing a two feet away from them watching them.
art show
I was inspired by this show to take more photographs, to be more thoughtful and expressive in my photography.
art show
The best part about the whole thing was just getting out, getting out of the house and going to an event with friends and art. Taking a really long slow walk back to my car and heading home satisfied and happy.
If your in the Walnut Creek area check out the show. It's all local Artists and it's at the Bedford Gallery. It's free on Tuesdays.


Helen said...

Go Maritza!! That is so awesome. All of you are so artsy...very inspiring.

Marz said...

u are so gonna have to show your photography!! I am thinking that as I pursue my art stuff, I need to drag you along and make u do it too. I love how you photographed my work. Mental note: have *you* document my art. :)