Friday, June 13, 2008

Grateful Friday

- John's happy attitude. He almost always looks at the bright side of things.
- Vaseline cocoa butter hand cream
- Breakfast eaten outside
- Switching over to cloth diapers for financial reasons initially, but now feel like there are so many more benefits.
- Amy's generosity in giving us a huge amount of cloth diapers bartered for babysitting. This was one of those gifts that came at just the right time.
- Birds chirping in the morning
- Time spent with friends tomorrow
- My garden looks fantastic
- Gifts this week from friends and family. books. diapers. apricots. toys. purses. shoes, and a desk. and even more dear; Wisdom from Amy. Entertainment from Helen. Friendship from Maritza. Kind words from Stacey. Compassion from John. Humility from Jessica. Love from my kids. Thank You.

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Helen said...

That first picture is so funny. The kids are just going about their business. They all need steaming cups of coffee to go w/that newspaper.
Happy Weekend!