Thursday, May 08, 2008

mango slaughter

mango with veins
(inspired by "Remains of the Day")

This morning the mango I peeled had veins running through it. Really it did. After the first cut I saw them. Veins.
All I could think about was blood. And life.
Was there a tiny fruit heart pumping mango life locked inside that hard pit?
I peeled and peeled. Hoping they would go away but the whole naked fruit was a jumbled maze of stringy veins.
I've eaten lots of mango's and never seen this horror before. I peeled and peeled digging into the fruit trying to shave them out.
In the end, my hands a pulpy mess, disgusted I let the pit and slime drop into the sink. I went to grab another mango but grabbed a banana instead. Has this happened to anyone else? Morning fruit with veins. It was freaky.


Sivan said...

LOL. Yes, it happened to me, more than once ;)
I've eaten lots of mangos in my life and looove them. But every time I pass by the mangos at the store, thinking I should get a couple, mostly I'm thinking next: Hmmm, but what if... So yeah, the thought of having yet another veiny mango is the one that stops me from buying it.

Renee said...

May the mango rest in peace.

Marz said...

ooo gross. don't watch War of the Worlds anytime soon. trust me.

h&b said...

That is gross.

No, it has't happened to me, but i've had plenty of rejected Avocados just like it - eww.