Friday, May 23, 2008

Grateful Friday

on the line
- Clothes on the line
- My coffee cake turned out perfect, put one in the freezer for eating later
on the line
- Finding an $80 blender on Craigslist being sold for $20. To repair the jar I cracked it would have cost $18 with shipping.
- Rocky falling asleep in my arms. I succesfully wriggled myself out from under him and he now sleeps peacefully, Jack and Stella are in rest time playing not so quietly and I'm about to go read.
on the line
- Neighbors who ring the doorbell after dark to request more lemons from our tree.
- Frida Kahlo, Georga O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams all showing at the SFMOMA at the same time in the next few months
- A marshmallow roast in our backyard tonight, hopefully with friends.
- The priemer of "So You Think You Can Dance" Why do I love this show so? Really, do you know? John would like an answer.


Helen said...

Can't wait for that show either!! I think June 15 is free admission for families (afternoon). Briones and I went to see the Friedlander show and I forgot that you weren't supposed to take pics of the pics (duh, right?). So Briones had her camera, was really excited and I coached her right before we went in to go find photos that she likes and then take pics of them --I thought I was so smart b/c she would be kept busy while I looked. Well, she got all ready to take a picture and the attendant came out of NOWHERE and practically flew across, blocking her body violently over the camera. The bewilderment on Briones' face was priceless. "NO PHOTOS!!!!" the lady scolded. Needless to say, we were stalked after that.

jenica said...

i love that your hanging out your undies! we call them chonies. ;-D

i love SYTYCD! that our FAVE competition. i think i like it so much because
1)we both love to dance
2)there are some ridiculously funny auditions
3)the dancers that make it through are a.MA.zing

ps can i have a lemon too?

Marz said...

my mom and I love so you think you can dance too!
And the marshmellows were delicious, or, so my family tells me...
hee hee

Renee said...

Hey, I recognize that apron!
Yum, fresh lemons.