Monday, March 03, 2008


(Conversation between Jack and Stella this morning while playing with Moonsand)
Jack: No!! Soda is not healthy for your body, it has sugar
Stella: Well, I'LL drink soda!
Jack: NO!! (said very sternly)
Stella: YES! I'll drink it and then brush my teeth!
Jack: NO!! Soda has sugar, don't drink soda!! ONLY when your CAMPING!!

Everytime we talk about camping Jack brings up the fact that he gets to drink soda when we go camping. Forget the trees, the river, the mountains, bring on the soda!


Wendy said...

Haaaaa! I love their little conversations. And my kids go NUTS over the Moon Sand with the Justice League guys! Too funny.

Marz said...

N knows that soda is bad for his body, and the hard part is I drink it... and he gets on my case about it....

kristen said...

it's so funny what they focus on! my girl is dying to go back to theater camp this summer and her reason why, "the ice cream truck".

Renee said...

Yeah, because the soda has less sugar in the wilderness, right?! ;)

Helen said...

Great shots Heather! I love all the colors and the natural light.

vickie pellouchoud said...

HA! that's funny. sadly if i want my little girl to NOT drink diet coke then I have to NOT drink diet coke and i just can't quit it!!! she gets us to give her a taste and that's it but boy is she relentless.

i like that Jack is so excited about soda when he thinks of camping. cute.

that moon sand makes me CRAZY, it gets all over no matter what we do, i love that the little container is suppposed to CONTAIN the moon sand doesn't and then that you should wash your hands after touching the moonsand, geez don't we have enough to worry about? i'm always freeked out about their hands after playing with it.

i try to let go, really i do.

Amy Chionis said...

PLEASE write a book called The Quotable Stella. She kills me.

asianarnold1 said...

same talk for us, but in spanish. Mason also still talks about camping, and that was back in aug07.

Blogging Molly said...

Sounds like my kids and those sugary cereals in individual serving size boxes - only when we go camping. Oh, and they like gutting fish too.

I'm with Stella - I'll drink soda then brush my teeth.