Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Weekend:

Hiking on Friday, green mountains, fresh air bright sunshine.

Saturday morning Stella woke up 104 temperature, sick again.

Saturday afternoon John's mom came into town. The kids are happy.

Saturday night John BBQ's, we eat and Stella sleeps

Sunday no church again, stay home read paper John's mom leaves

Monday Stella throws up, Rocky won't stop crying.

Monday afternoon, while all nap I read "Year Of Wonders" and count my many blessing, sneak in and hug my kids, and thank God for our health.


kristen said...

I love that book Year of Wonders, thank you for reminding me. I hope Stella feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

The woman who wrote Year of Wonder was in town recently speaking. I tried to get free tickets to her speaking engagement. I did not win. :(

Helen said...

aw man...I hope Stella feels better. That's wonderful to get out for a hike, the weather has been unbelievable!

Renee said...

It's been one sickness after another out my way too. I hope she's better!

Marz said...

Year of Wonders? I will have to look that up. Looking at Z's small hands helps to ground me when he's screaming and I feel like I'm losing it. I love getting grateful!