Friday, February 01, 2008

Grateful Friday

- Finding Stella on the couch with her hair all done up "pretty"
- Rocky in overalls
- Not catching the flu that the rest of my family has
- Echinacea, vitamin C, water, garlic, and ginger
- A new pattern for a cute dress to sew Stella
- Fresh sheets on the bed
- Sunshine after rain
- Heat in our house
- Yoplait light
- My new Suzanne Vega cd


Rebecca F. said...


She's adorable. I wish she could do my hair too!

Rebecca F.

Marz said...

that's the cutest picture of Stella! Glad you stayed healthy, too. Phew!

Irene said...

that is just SO. CUTE.

Anonymous said...

Looks like her mama! Cutiepie!


Helen said...

Stella has such long, gorgeous hair