Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Year

Last year on Thanksgiving day my son Rocky was born. I called him my little gnome right away because he looked exactly what I thought a little woodsy gnome might look like. We celebrated his birth by having our friends and family over that evening for a thanksgiving feast. This year we all gathered again to celebrate his birthday.
He is my little guy. Two weeks after he was born I took this picture of him and Jack. I took a ton of pictures while they sat there on our bed and I love each and every one of them. He has so many different expressions, and the interactions with him and Jack and Stella were priceless.
One of the things I love best about Rocky is that he loves to snuggle. Another thing I love is his naked little body. If he could just crawl around naked all the time so I could see his adorable little bottom as much as I want I'd be one happy momma.
He's a year old. He is taking his first steps. He's eating all the time. He has just learned how to give the sloppiest kisses around.
Rocky 1 yr
He's a sharp dresser huh? I can tell he is a charmer and will be a smooth talker. Just look at that twinkle in his eye, and smile on his lips, watch out world, here comes Rocky.
Rocky 1 yr


Helen said...

Happy Birthday Rocky!!!! He is a real cutie!

Irene said...

happy happy birthday Rocky! he's so adorable I want to eat him!

jenica said...

happy birthday to rocky! i love to tell my kids about the day that they were born and how it made me feel to look in their eyes for the very first time. and i start telling them even from their first birthday. ;-D

he is so stinkin' cute!

h&b said...

OMG - look at him in his little shirt & tie - he's adorable !!!

P.S. - you gave birth and then had everyone around for a feast ON THE SAME DAY ?! ... *that* is amazing ..

Happy Birthday Rocky !!!

Rebecca F said...

Happy birthday Rocky! I totally feel like a cyber auntie. :)

Rebecca F.

Lanceros said...

Glad that we were able to see you all on t-day, even for just an hour.
happy b-day, rocky.


gkgirl said...

such a cute b'day boy!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday to Rocky! He's so adorable!

Anonymous said...

I am proud to say that I am grandma to the most precious one year old baby in the world. My heart fills with love for this little darling each time I hear his name and see his adorable picture. How lucky I am.

Sarah Jackson said...

darling! Such great photos of your little man.

Blogging Molly said...

Wood gnome! Cute, very cute. Happy birthday Rocky! Wishing you many snuggles.

acumamakiki said...

He is delectable. Happy belated, birthday to a sweet delicious boy. xo