Friday, November 16, 2007

Grateful Friday


- smooshy faces on screens
- chunky ice cream
- homemade cherry almond granola
- Rocky took his first steps this week
- A coupon for $1 off of Real Simple magazine
- kids excited about their dentist appointment today
- california rolls
- 50% off coupons for Michaels
- stella always insisting I be the good witch Glinda when we play The Wizard of Oz.
- looking forward to a haircut soon
- beer and pizza
-And last but not least I opened up a shop over at etsy. Go on over, Look around, buy something :). I'm a little insecure that you are all rolling your eyes laughing right now, but I figured- hey why not?!
Have a great weekend!!


acumamakiki said...
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acumamakiki said...

How much do I love California rolls? Almost as much as I love smooshed faces on screens. Happy weekend.

Riss said...

I'm SOOOOOO excited you put your photos up for sale! Put a big icon on your blog so when I visit I remember you are selling them at the estsy shop, and when I get $20 I'm going to buy one, okay? I can already picture them hanging in people's houses all over the world. The moss in the cement would look really cool blown up to the size of a whole wall! :)

HB said...

very cool Heather! You are so talented with the camera. Keep em coming!

jenica said...

etsy is so fab! and your pics make it even better. ;-D

seeing rocky's face smooshed up like that reminds me of when my oldest fell asleep in her playpen with her face pressed up against the netting. when she woke up she looked like she'd been smacked with a fly swatter! i still giggle thinking of the little dots on her face.