Friday, August 03, 2007

Grateful Friday

Jack and carrots
- The yummy little carrots from our garden, the best part was watching Jack's excitement pulling them up. Each time he pulled one up he would yell "OHHH, that's ferocious!!", so funny, not sure where he got that saying from, but it was so cute.
- Cooking dinner last night while John played with the kids outside. I cranked up Gillian Welch's "Revival" CD, chopped carrots from our garden and enjoyed a few minutes to myself.
- Getting to see my family tomorrow to celebrate my niece's birthday.
- A date, a real actual date. A couple from our church offered to watch our kids on Sunday. (our co-op is having a little trouble getting off the ground, soon hopefully)
- The thought of making myself a t-shirt from a pattern I bought this week.
- The library
- Clear blue skies
- Watching the squirrels in our backyard practically fly from our fence to the palm tree
- New Castle Brown Ale beer
- The sleepy look my kids have when they get up, I just want to hold and kiss them all day.


Family of Four said...

Love the carrots. Can't wait to plant some this month.

telfair said...

Wow! Those are great looking carrots. We didn't do carrots, but we are swimming in cherry tomatoes and baby cukes.

Happy weekend to you!

jenica said...

ferocious! i love it!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say I am always so impressed with everything you do. I only have 2 kids, am not sleep deprived, yet still don't have the energy for a garden! You are my inspiration :)

acumamakiki said...

those carrots are fantastic. happy weekend!!

Marilyn said...

I love your gratitude lists...they're 'ferocious.' Great carrots!!

Wendy said...

Newcastle is my absolute favorite!

Your garden is just awesome. I have been thinking about starting an herb garden so I can have fresh mint and basil. I don't know how though!