Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lake Berryessa

Stella and Maya
We spent yesterday at Lake Berryessa in Napa Vally with our friends Jeff and Gretchen and their kids. The lake was so low but still very pretty and perfect for swimming in. We are so tired today. I feel bad for John he had to put on his suit and go back to work. The kids are still so dirty, we didn't get home until late and they were all sleeping. Now we are about to leave for a homeschool playgroup in the park. I sort of don't want to go just so we can chill at home, but the group is so small right now I think I should. We will cut out early though so I can get them home and in a bath. I won't tell anyone what looks like a tan is really a layer of dirt.


tinkerwiththis said...

is that really the name of the lake? cool. we have weird indian names for all our lakes. like otisco and onondaga.

jenica said...

i'm loving the dirt tan. who needs a spray tan when you've got dirt? ;-D