Friday, June 01, 2007

Grateful Friday

Stella eating a cupcake
- Watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee. A local kid won!! They are so cute, I felt so bad for them when that little bell dinged and they were out.
- I taught myself to juggle this week.
- Eating yogurt and granola with my coffee in the morning.
- Cute kids stickers, I love finding a new one stuck someplace I had'nt noticed before. The newest discovery was a little heart on the tile in our kitchen right where I stand to do the dishes.
- Using this week for the first time. It was GREAT, having that man bring in bags of grocerys, it was fun opening all the bags, seeing what I ordered and just putting them away. I could get used to that. The first time was free delivery too, so that made it even better.
- Stella's new laugh, it's an explosive burst, sort of loud and cackley and very funny.
- New books from the library
- Spending memorial day with my family, swimming and eating.


Renee said...

Juggling! Wow, I wish I could do it. John M.'s latest trick is to juggle soapsuds.

asianarnold1 said...

ooohh, you gotta clue us in on Safeway. G came home last night at 10:30pm from Winco shopping w/ one crying baby on one arm. Not fun.

Riss said...

Yay for Safeway!!! Your shopping problems are solved. I have thought about using that service before but I didn't want to pay the fee. Maybe when I start work...

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

love those RED shoes!

Rebecca F. said...

I agree with Michelle. I love the red shoes too!!

It looks like a delightful moment to be all decked out in your fanciest shoes and eating a delicious treat. Hurray for childhood!

jenica said...

i giggled when i saw the shoes cuz my girls have a silver pair and a pink pair. could life be any better for our kids? ;-D

stella said...

wow. seriously, that is one of the most BEAUTIFUL photos...i have EVER seen.