Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We were sitting in our backyard on Saturday, and I casually mention that sometime soon I'd like for us to take a trip to the forest. So John says, ok let's go, right now. Really? Where?. The Oakland hills, he says. And a hour later we are hiking around in the forest. It was so pretty, we brought a snack and dangled our feet over a bridge and ate. We saw a banana slug and lots and lots of moss which Stella loved.
Sunday after church we went Kite flying. It's our favorite thing to do in our spare time.


Renee said...

More beautiful pictures, Heather. How fun to go hiking.

telfair said...

How awesome to have a spontaneous and inspired husband. It looks like a really lovely place & a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

vickie said...

i love the forest, THAT looks like one special time. don't you find that kids just adore nature, it seems it immediately calms them, creates instant happiness and whenever I take the kids there is no fighting just lots of enjoyment and conversation.

love the pics!