Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our friends Jeff and Gretchen and their kids Maya, Mason, and Ruby made the trek to our place this weekend. It was wonderful having them here. I love this picture of Maya and Stella, they are both so pretty.
This is Ruby, she wasn't born with a horn on her nose, her mama just put it there. I think I might be the only one who didn't now the game of licking a rose thorn and then putting it on your nose and running around like a rhino, it is now Jack's favorite game.
And then today, all our friends are gone, my nose is running, and the backyard is a mess. A good mess though I like it, the laundry hanging, the growing garden, toys all over the place, this is the backyard I've always wanted. Have a great week everyone.


Riss said...

I used to stick rose thorns on my nose and pretend I was a unicorn. I love the mess that comes from busy kids.

Alecia said...

The rhino thing had me laughing out loud. I've never heard of that, but I'll definitely be passing it on to my girls.

Your backyard is awesome! It looks like so much fun can be had there.

Renee said...

I, too, was a rose thorn on the nose virgin, but soon to be no more. I love your backyard picture too. I want to play there.

minnie (haha) said...

Do you remember the 1950s shot Brad and Angelina did for W magazine?

If they could have shot it in your garden, I'm sure they woulda - it looks LOVELY!

Minnie, Sydney, Australia

Marilyn said...

I think your backyard looks HEAVENLY!

acumamakiki said...

That last photo is so inspired - I love every bit of it and it makes me homesick for Cali in the worst way.